Our signature range of PGI Welsh Beef
Himalayan Salt Dry-Aged on the bone for a minimum of 40 days.

Due to selection and the ageing process, our Black Label range is very limited supply and strictly subject to availability. We advise to pre-order by telephone or message us from our home page.


PGI Rib of Welsh Beef

Beef forerib with the cap and backbone removed. French trimmed and dry-aged for a minimum of 40 days to make the most of this spectacular piece of beef.
Very limited supply.


PGI Welsh T-Bone Steak

The best of both worlds, succulent, flavoursome sirloin on one side & meltingly tender fillet on the other. Dry-aged for a minimum of 40 days.


PGI Welsh Rolled Beef Sirloin

Good marbling with a tasty coverage of fat. Dry-aged on the bone for a minimum of 40 days.


PGI Welsh Beef Rump Roast

Suits dry-ageing for longer to tenderise. Plenty of flavour & bite. Dry-aged on the bone for a minimum of 40 days.

PGI Welsh Beef Fillet

Dry-aged on the bone for a minimum of 40 days to enhance the flavour, tender & succulent.
Very limited supply.


PGI Welsh Beef Wing Rib

Gently marbled sirloin on the bone. Dry-aged for a minimum of 40 days, a single-bone wing rib is a fantastic sharing steak.


PGI Côte de boeuf / Tomahawk steak

French-trimmed, great for the barbecue or an impressive table centrepiece to share. Dry-aged for a minimum of 40 days.



Individually selected cuts of meat are dry-aged alongside a wall of pure Himalayan Salt blocks. Monitoring temperature, air circulation and humidity causes migration of moisture from the meat giving a specific patina and profound flavour.


PGI Welsh Rump Steak

Great Taste Award 2020. Some of the judges comments were;
'A stunning looking piece of meat, a good depth of meat flavour. The dry ageing comes through well adding another layer of flavour and a real savoury tinge'


PGI Welsh Sirloin Steak

A very popular cut, good in size with a tasty layer of fat and marbling giving a tender and succulent steak. Dry-aged on the bone for a minimum of 40 days.


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