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Galicia is located at the tip of North West Spain. In the XVIII century,this territory witnessed the rise of the noble family La Maza, who owned a handful of traditional manor houses in the area, known locally as "Pazos" - a sobriquet for "palace". The Pazo that bore the family name was their favourite, and legend says an Albariño vineyard flourished in the majestic courtyard. Pazo la Maza Albariño pays homage to this unique local grape. And to the epic landscape, whipped by constant breeze and tides coming from the Atlantic Ocean, that he comes from. A refreshing , yet intense wine, combining delicate orchard fruits and citrus fragrances. Conatins Sulphites.

Pazo la Maza Albarino Adegas Galegas DO Rias Baixas

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