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This property, 7 hectares, in size is situated in St Sulpice de Faleyrons on rather light, well-drained soils, 80% pure gravel with the rest a mix of gravel and sand. Historically the family, who has owned the estate for over 150 years, used to sell their grapes but in 1995 they decided to make their own wine. Considerable investment was necessary and new thermo-regulated tanks were installed, as well as a maturation cellar – all to improve qualiy. By virtue of the terroir here, this can never be a massively powerful wine – but so much the better. Wine consumers need such approachable, easy drinking wines. Charming and accessible, Barrail du Blanc produces a fine Saint Emilion which makes people smile, without breaking the bank. Conatins Sulphites.

Chateau Barrail du Blanc Grand Cru St-Emilion

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